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Virtual Private Servers

The Internet has become an inseparable part of our everyday life and more people are getting their own websites made. Even they start creating the sites on their own using one of the many free applications that are available on the Internet such as Joomla, Moodle and WordPress among others. Regardless of the particular website - it can be a personal or business, small or large, fancy or simple - but it needs a hosting service to get online and one such option is a virtual private server.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private servers act as dedicated servers since they provide complete root access to the user and even the ability for remote reboot but they are sharing the hardware of a single server that is virtually, or in other words by means of software, divided into separate servers. Virtual servers (VPS) are suitable for many things and therefore are widely used. It is quite often that programmers and web developers use a VPS for testing purposes since they can see how the product deals with different configurations of the server. They are also suitable for websites that require specific server configuration that is not available under shared hosting packages but at the same time they do not need as much resources as a dedicated server would offer and thus it is not recommended to pay the higher price.

Types of Virtual Private Servers

Most certainly the first division should start with the operating system and with no doubt we can distinguish two very popular configurations for a virtual server:

  • LAMP - that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP; as the key components are listed one can see why this configuration is popular since each individual component is popular on its own.
  • WAMP - the only difference here is the operating system: Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Virtual private servers can also be differentiated by the main use they are put to:

  • VPS for file hosting - often know as FTP server since files are transferred via the File Transfer Protocol and the server does not support HTTP or in other words there is no web server installed. It is mainly used for data backup, storage and sharing.
  • Virtual private server for e-mail hosting - if you wish to have a secure e-mail server without any limits on the number of incoming or outgoing messages, the size for attachments, etc, it is best to use your own mail server. But if your needs do not require an entire dedicated server, you can also use a VPS to do that for you.
  • Virtual private server for web hosting - both LAMP and WAMP configurations that we reviewed above fall under this category since they both provide a web server - namely the Apache - and thus are suitable for hosting a website.
  • Virtual private server for reseller hosting - some resellers prefer getting their own dedicated server or a VPS since that will allow them to modify the server configuration in case a client of theirs has any specific requirements and also that allows them to skim down prices even more, provided they have enough clients for a VPS or even an entire server.
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VPS Services

What is a Virtual Private Server

Today it has become very easy to design a web site on your own with all the cost-free themes that are obtainable on the web along with free web platforms that are suitable even for inexperienced clients. So, plenty of brand new sites come into existence every day, including weblogs - where the author can focus on various issues that come to mind, and picture galleries - where everybody can share photographs and the history behind them on the Internet.


To meet the need for modestly priced, but reliable hosting solutions, providers presented an intermediate webspace hosting platform - the virtual private web server. This is a virtual imitation of a web hosting server that functions quite like a dedicated server and is much more powerful than any shared hosting plan. On the other hand, as a lot of accounts are set up on the very same physical web server and each individual pays for their account, the cost of a Virtual Private Server hosting solution...

VPS Hosting Service

There is no wonder that so many persons have begun setting up their very own personal professional-looking websites availing of free-of-cost web platforms that are simple enough to use even for newbies. And due to all the charge-free templates that are available on the Internet, quite many sites come into existence, which require a hosting service like the VPS hosting one. Hosting is a solution, which allows you to upload your site on a server so as to bring it online and a VPS is a virtual private hosting server...

VPS Web Hosting

Up till a couple of years ago, the sole means to obtain a feature-rich webspace hosting plan was to buy a dedicated server. As a consequence of latter-day software app improvements, virtual web servers have been brought in and they've swiftly come to be one of the most famous website hosting platforms as they offer hi-end performance at a quite reasonable price. Also known as a private virtual hosting server or a virtual dedicated web server, this web hosting server is an excellent solution...

Website Hosting Solutions

Affordable Web Hosting

When it comes to constructing your initial website and beginning your online presence, giving lots of money for the web hosting service provision is perhaps not a thing that sounds extremely appealing. In the beginning, the web page you develop may not appear the way you want it to, or may not draw lots of website visitors, and the more you have given to bring it online, the more money you may feel has been squandered. In a situation like this, there are 2 alternatives you can pick from - a free web hosting package, or an affordable paid one.

WordPress Hosting

Invented almost 10 years ago by a couple of devotees, today WordPress is the most widespread open-source blogging app utilized by millions of people all around the globe. It is charge-free, so anyone can download it and use it to create a personal blog, a design portfolio, or to advertise brand new company offerings. WordPress is a PHP-powered CMS app that utilizes a MySQL database management system to preserve all the articles created by the moderator or the comments on these articles left by the viewers. What renders the blogging script more preferred than other...

Hosting Reseller

There are plenty of means of generating money online and one of them is to sell the hosting solutions supplied by some hosting solutions provider. This offers vast options for everyone who would like to gain extra cash. There are several sorts of web hosting reseller services, depending on the web hosting reseller's level of responsibility and, of course, on the web host that offers the hosting service. Prior to going into that, let us first explore. A hosting reseller service is a sort of hosting user account, which enables the user to set up different sub-accounts that can be resold to various clients.

Web Hosting

Owning your own private web portal is obligatory these days. The entry of the Internet in our everyday lives means that, in order for someone to be noticed, or to get his voice heard, one needs to devise a web page and post it online. In order to fulfill that, you virtually need 2 elements - a website and a website hosting service. Before designing a website, however, it's vital to understand that there are diverse types of web hosting services and that not all web sites can perform with a randomly selected web site hosting solution. In order to illustrate this better, let us begin with the prime question:

Shared Hosting

The most standard and popularly used variety of hosting is the shared webspace hosting solution. It constitutes a means to host your web page without having to be much informed about programming and handling a server. Additionally, it's also the most inexpensive form of web space hosting and it's indeed affordable for anybody. Nevertheless, what is shared web space hosting? As the name denotes, the shared hosting service is a kind of service where numerous users share the resources of one and the same server. This indicates that all hosting server components like CPU, hard disks, RAM, network cards and so on, are divided among the users whose accounts are on that very same server.


Web site hosting is a selection of services that renders it realizable for a web site to be available online and be accessible from any country around the world. When you type a domain in a browser's URL bar, what you notice are the website files that are situated on the web servers of a web hosting provider. The web hosting service also includes the ability to set up email aliases using your domain name, to set up and manage databases, to configure password-guarded locations, and to keep track of all website viewers - what web pages they saw, what search engine or website they came from and in which country they were located. Other options that come with each...

How Does Website Hosting Work?

You have a conception that you desire to transform into a site? Your first step should be to keep your inspiration and discover a spot for your page on the Internet so that it will be always accessible to the whole world. The ambit of web hosting services fluctuates greatly, so do the demands of the web site possessors. The most basic type of web hosting is the small-size file hosting solution, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface. Plenty of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide this service free of cost. Personal web page possessors and firms can also get web page hosting services from different web hosting suppliers.

What is Website Hosting?

Hosting is a type of online service that enables persons and corporations to make their sites accessible online. Hosting service providers are companies that offer data storage space on a web server kept in a datacenter facility and ensure constant network connectivity. The Internet has become an essential fragment of everybody's daily agenda. It gives you the possibility to earn additional money, but can also be a major source of income. In order to embed commercials on your website or to promote a commodity that you offer, you invariably require a website hosting service, which will make sure that your online portal is protected...

Cheap Domain Name

Domain Name

One of the things you demand in order to start a web portal is a domain. This is the URL your web page visitors will type in their web browsers to access your online portal and it is amongst the features they will recognize you by. For this reason you should settle on a domain that is appropriate and explanatory, but it should also be simple to recall. Each domain name extension, or TLD (Top-Level Domain), is administered by a Registry. This is the top-level organization that administers all domain name registrations and determines the requirements for a given top-level domain name.


If you desire to create a website, this implies that you require a domain name. A domain name is an easy-to-remember name that you write in your web browser's address bar when you desire to access a certain site. This is a subject I approach because a week ago my boss came up with the idea of making a web page for our brand new project. That itself is not a problem, the problem is that he needs a site, but does not know yet what it should look like, what it should contain, and so on. All that he revealed to me was the name of the site - its domain name. So, we now have an Internet address...

Free Domain

A domain is an alpha-numerical combination that makes it easier to visit web sites on the Internet. It converts an IP address like into an easy-to-recall string of letters and digits. For example, it is much easier to recollect than the digits above, particularly given the circumstance that there are millions of web portals on the World Wide Web. A domain name contains 2 components - a top-level domain name (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). In "", the ".com" part is the Top-Level Domain, and "domain" is the Second-Level Domain.

Free Domain Name Registration

A domain - that was what I required for my yet-to-be-built website. I had it all planned out in my head. I had a web design and textual, visual and aural content idea, I knew that I needed a Linux-based hosting service and that I had to register a domain. Needless to say, in the beginning I thought that he was kidding, but he wasn't. These guys from NTChosting offer reasonable website hosting plans - on shared hosting servers, which does not seem to be a concern when it comes to small and mid-sized sites. Furthermore, they are based in the United Kingdom...